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Happt St. Patricks Day Clover in white pots.

History of St. Patrick’s Day

Hello Fellow Readers, While shopping in a nearby grocery, I came upon a display of clover with cute little shamrock decorations on top of each pot. It occurred to me, as I admired them, I didn't know the history and significance of St. Patrick's Day. I'll bet that may be true of some
A rock with moss in the shape of a hippo.

Magnificent Moss

Magnificent moss serves as a carefree lawn alternative, is ideal for green roofs, and creates art in the garden and amongst nature. Learn about this ancient plant and other delights to be found in the dreariness of winter.

Native Rhododendrons

It felt adventurous to walk a new route enjoying the beauty of a landscape not yet seen. Along Sandhill Road in Blairstown NJ, there’s a steep hill carpeted with golden-brown leaves and a thick colony of native rhododendron standing twelve feet tall. The deciduous trees above, naked o
Cut Christmas tree dusted with snow on the side of the road.

Repurposing Christmas Trees

When I see a Christmas tree tossed curbside right after New Year's Day, my heart sinks. It's not even the Twelfth Day of Christmas yet - January 6th is also known as Little Christmas. Find out why, as well as how to extend the joy of your Christmas Tree into the summer.

Legend of Holly & Christmas Trees

Hello Fellow Readers, In search of a special Christmas card, I found one at our local tractor supply. The cover intrigued me. “The Legend of the Christmas Tree,” it said, with an artist rendering of a man on a horse pulling an evergreen towards a log cabin nestled in the woods. The Le

Decorating with Leave Behinds

Hello Fellow Readers, Old man winter sure arrived early with an ice storm followed by snow the weekend after Thanksgiving. The morning after, the trees glistened in the sunshine as if they were glass. Below, the sun cast long shadows of trees on the pristine frosting of white. Sadly,

Sharing Thanks & Late To-dos

Time sure has a way of sneaking upon us. The good thing, though, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. And giving thanks is timeless, universal, and a practice for every day. A special thank you for 388 weekly chats and tips on late fall garden to-dos.
Woolly-Bear-Caterpillar 2019

Winter Predictions: Science versus Folklore

Hello Fellow Readers, While recent temperatures feel like winter, it doesn’t officially start until December 21st, which brings the topic of what to expect from Old Man Winter and the science versus folklore of winter weather predictions. The folklore of predicting winter weather Ther
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Preamble to Spring To-dos

Hello Fellow Readers, As I write our latest eight inches of white fluff graces our world. But hold tight, we’re in the preamble of spring. I smiled over the weekend when I noticed the Hosta in the potted gardens I’ve been overwintering in the garage have emerged. Seeing their pale thr
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Road Salt Alternatives

Hello Fellow Readers, This is the time of year I attend manufacturer showcases premiering new products, mostly paver or block retaining wall systems, which are made of concrete. This is also the time of year that road salt and brine are being used to de-ice our roads. Road salt and br