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Cold & Snow Impact on Pests

Hello fellow readers, Mr. Wooly Bear Caterpillar sure predicted this winter spot-on!  Jane from Bangor asked if our single digits and snow cover will help reduce bugs.  Wouldn’t that be a well-deserved outcome after all of this brrrrr!   They say invasive insects may be more susceptib

Vertical Veggie Gardening

Hello fellow readers, Oh goodie!  Garden catalogues are here to tease our fancy and tickle our toes. Not sure what toes have to do with it, but it sounds exciting. And it is! John from Hope asked whether to grow veggies in those newfangled vertical garden “systems” and bags. It’s fun

Bird Feeding Tips

Hello fellow readers, Last week we spoke about sunflower seed being one of the best seed to attract the widest varieties of birds.  Rachel from Fredon asked which kind is best.  There are 2 types; black oil seeds with easy to open thin shells most desired by seed-eating birds and stri

Winter is for the Birds

Hello fellow readers, Winter weather can be for the birds.  Not for those of us with a passion to play in the snow mind you, but winter brings the desire to feed and watch the antics of backyard birds.  Emma and Josh of Mt. Bethel asked if there is a certain seed they should buy.  The

Christmas Cactus

Hello fellow readers, Not a single write-in this week but I won’t take it personally.  No doubt everyone is up to their eyeballs in the fa la la la la of the holidays. So if I may ask my own question about the timing of my 15-year old Christmas cactus which has bloomed well before Tha

Live Christmas Trees

Hello fellow readers, Most of you have decked the halls but I am late this year and wrestle whether to dig out the artificial standby or go for a much preferred real tree. I bought my standby many years ago to use the times I visited the folks in Florida over Christmas. Some travel ye