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Fall Garden with river birch and dry ornamental grasses after Fall Garden wrap up

Fall Garden Wrap-Up

Hello fellow readers, It’s the fall garden wrap up time, and I tended to some over the weekend. It feels good to be ahead of my usual scramble when the first snowflakes fly. Some fall garden wrap- up tasks, such as cleaning up perennials, may seem obvious. But others, like fall
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Gardening in the Rain

Hello fellow readers, Last week, we were on deck for new plantings for clients nearby, but heavy rains were in the forecast. While a drizzle or overcast skies are ideal for planting, when it’s raining cats and dogs, it’s not. Just as walking around soggy soil is not good for existing
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Spring Cleanup & Pruning Lavender

Hello Fellow Readers, At last, the big cleanup. Curt and I spent eight hours cleaning up branches, sticks, and wheelbarrows of hickory nut hulls. The critters ate the nuts and left the husks. Talk about poor table manners. Then there were the bucket loads of cones, a sign our hemlocks
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Fall To-do’s

Hello Fellow Readers, A faithful Blairstown reader, dear friend, and fellow fan of Bottlebrush Buckeye (Aesculous parviflora) suggested I write about what to do in the garden each time of year. Roger Roger here goes. You’ve likely noticed the squirrels and other critters are foraging
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