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Happt St. Patricks Day Clover in white pots.

St. Patrick and the Legend of Clover

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, The fascinating history of St. Patrick leads to the legend of shamrocks featured in the holiday. Plus, the folklore of the four-leaf clover. While shopping in a nearby grocery I came upon cute little shamrocks on display for St. Patrick’
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Meaning of Roses & Valentine’s Traditions

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, Do you recall Valentine’s Day traditions as a kid having to bring cards to school? It was an assignment. An obligation. One for each classmate. Cards came in assortment packs and while the sayings were mostly about friendliness, which is
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A money tree in a kitchen almost to the top of a window.

A Money Tree Brings Abundance

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, Ruth and Jim, dear friends in Hope, NJ, asked that I water their houseplants while they are away. Their magnificent Money Tree reminds me of one I met a decade ago, along with its plant parent, which turned out to be life-changing. I met Diana
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Legend of Holly & Christmas Trees

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, In search of a special Christmas card, I found one that intrigued me. “The Legend of the Christmas Tree,” is the headline, with an artist rendering of a man on a horse pulling an evergreen towards a log cabin in the woods. The Lege
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beige moth with a black cross on its back called a Clymene moth

A Magical Blessing Moth

Hello fellow readers; I just returned from Lago Vista, Texas, to be by the side of Gene, a dear friend, as he graduated from this earth. He is the life partner of Elsa, whom we’ve spoken about in a previous story titled, Fall is not Goodbye (link below). They’ve been famil
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Blueish-purple flowers of Chicory in a field

Bachelor Buttons vs. Chicory Look-alikes

Hello fellow readers; I recently discovered Bachelor Buttons are called Chicory and Chicory Bachelor Buttons, though they are look-alikes. Such fun to learn about these blue beauties’ origins, differences, and love stories. And there’s Chicory Fairy and poem, sure to delig
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A yellow flowering Witch Hazel along the road with a historic copper-orange home behind it.

Wonders of Witch Hazel

Hello fellow readers, The Wonders of Witch Hazel brightens the dormant landscape, is a tool for Water-Witching, and has mysterious methods of pollinating and dispersing seeds. I came upon a sunny flowering Witch Hazel along the road, looking stunning, offset by the orangy house behind
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a single yellow bloom of a Winter Aconite in the Snow

Winter Flowers and Folklore

Hello fellow readers, Snowdrops and Winter Aconite are in bloom leading me to the folklore of the winter flowers. And how Snowdrops, known as Candlemas Bells, are featured on Candlemas Day, representing hope. You likely know the most famous legend for March – In like a lion, out like
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a huge flock of white snow geese flying into a farm field

Snow Geese Teach Acceptance

Hello fellow readers, Snow geese and Canadian geese are glorious to many but pests to some bringing a lesson of acceptance I hope you’ll enjoy. As I drove to the Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice for my weekly volunteer sing, an enormous flock of snow geese was feeding on the f
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a five-foot wide sycamore trunk decorated with a ring of ghosts and a sign that reads Boo

Halloween History & Sycamore Ghosts

Hello fellow readers, How fun to see Halloween enthusiasts decorating their homes like Christmas with purple and orange lights, cobwebs, and spiders. Even smoke machines, reminiscent of the disco days. Skeletons, goblins, and ghosts adorned a front yard we came upon; some were hanging
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