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a white stucco house with a boxwood hedge and pink knockout roses and white climbing roses.

Holy Moly Rose Remedies

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green. I am recovering from a respiratory infection that snuck up on me, much like plant diseases can. Gratefully, I’m on the mend, as are two unsightly rose dilemmas calling for holy moly rose remedies (smile). We’ve chatted about the pl
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a close up of John Cabot Roses with hot pink petals and yellow centers.

The Irresistible John Cabot Rose

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, What a treat to learn about John Cabot Roses through a story shared by a writer friend, Koleen Garland, who lives in Canada. She titled her “two-hour writing binge” (meaning first draft, hard to believe)—That Indestructible, Irresi
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Meaning of Roses & Valentine’s Traditions

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, Do you recall Valentine’s Day traditions as a kid having to bring cards to school? It was an assignment. An obligation. One for each classmate. Cards came in assortment packs and while the sayings were mostly about friendliness, which is
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pink and red roses in the middle of a hedge of boxwood in front of a park bench

Beauty and Beast of Roses

Hello fellow readers, After meeting Stephen Scannilello and purchasing his book A Year of Roses, my love-hate relationship with the beauty and beast of roses turned to respect. As you may guess, the fairytale Beauty and the Beast has something to do with it. I hope you enjoy the story
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a bouquet of summer flowers including sunflowers and orange Gerber daisies.

Joy of Receiving Cut Flowers

Hello fellow readers, I’ll admit I am not a huge fan of cut flowers, though I find artful arrangements lovely. But I always feel bad when the flowers fade, tossing them in the compost pile when a houseplant gift lasts for years. Recently a story came from a dear friend who bring
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a cluster of Japanese Beetles looking lifeless

Japanese Beetle Time

Hello, fellow readers, Caught in the act! I found the culprit of Carolyn’s holy rose dilemma we spoke about last week. As I arrived with Pyrethrin in hand, there they were, the shiny green and rust-colored beetles chomping away. Yes, indeed, it’s Japanese beetle time. Thei
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red fox sleeping in lawn

Foxes in the Garden

Hello fellow readers, After a week’s transition in the garage to re-acclimate our ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ Spruce to the outside world, Ellie’s memorial Christmas tree now sits in a protected spot. She’s in front of the future vegetable garden where the rundown h
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Pink flowering Rosa-Dr.-Van-Fleet -Climbing-Roses on a stone hose

The Beauty and Beast of Roses

Hello Fellow Readers, Roses can be fussy. But when roses are in their glory, they surely are glorious. Lessons shared in the Beauty and the Beast… One should never judge another based on appearances – a lesson shared in the Beauty and the Beast enjoyed at the Papermill Theatre i
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Rose is a rose-pest remedies

Hello Fellow Readers, Earlier this season, my brother Rick from Knoxville, TN, and a dear friend Ruth of Hope, NJ, asked about rose pest remedies and soil requirements to get them off to a good start. I find roses fussy and hard to keep in their glory. There are spider mites and aphid
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Aphids on Roses

Hello, fellow readers. My friend Michele of Sparta, NJ, asked how to keep aphids off her newly adopted Knock Out Rose. Knock Out Roses have become a go-to in the garden as they require relatively little care and flower prolifically. They push the old blooms out when a new bud forms, e
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