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A Long Winter’s Nap

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, The Press takes a hiatus between their Christmas and New Year’s editions, and so, my faithful online readers, I thought I’d revisit a story from long ago, A Long Winter’s Nap, when dear Ellie was by our side, with a few tweak
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Legend of Holly & Christmas Trees

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, In search of a special Christmas card, I found one that intrigued me. “The Legend of the Christmas Tree,” is the headline, with an artist rendering of a man on a horse pulling an evergreen towards a log cabin in the woods. The Lege
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Cut Christmas tree dusted with snow on the side of the road.

Repurposing Christmas Trees

When I see a Christmas tree tossed curbside right after New Year's Day, my heart sinks. It's not even the Twelfth Day of Christmas yet - January 6th is also known as Little Christmas. Find out why, as well as how to extend the joy of your Christmas Tree into the summer.
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