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Cut Christmas tree dusted with snow on the side of the road.

Extend the Joy!

Hello fellow readers, I always feel sad when I see retired Christmas trees curbside. It feels wasteful, even though they’ve served their intended purpose, to toss them out in the trash when there is still more these beauties can do. Many towns have programs of gathering used Christmas
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a bunch of white flowering paperwhites that look similar to daffodil blooms

Pretty Paperwhites for Christmas

Hello fellow readers, It’s starting already—gardening withdrawals. Margaret of Washington asked how to force Paperwhite bulbs which reminds me of a simple winter withdrawal remedy that makes a wonderful Christmas gift. It’s as easy as putting the Narcissus papyraceus bulbs
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A winter window box decorated with holly with red berries, white pine branches, dry ornamental grasses, and red and white Christmas balls.

Winter Decorating with Roadside Finds

Hello fellow readers, Busted! My buddy Paulette from Blairstown, NJ, caught me picking up the “roadkill” the other day. My philosophy is if you can’t find all that you need in your digs, there’s nothing wrong with a little roadside cleanup. Roadkill is Paulette’s witty des
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Winter Weather Predictions 2014-2015

Hello fellow readers, We sure had an early preview of things to come and I wasn’t ready. What a sight to see as I rallied in snow boots and cross country ski garb in the heavy pre-Thanksgiving Day snow to cut back my Eupatorium /Joe-Pye Weed and lay their seed heads under the snow ont
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Winter Burn Mary Stone of Garden Dilemmas

Preventing Winter Burn

Have you noticed many evergreens look as though they were scorched this winter?  John from Stone Church asked what to do about the brownish-red dry foliage, which is much worse on one side of his young white pines.
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Salt Impact on Plants (& Remedies)

Hello fellow readers, This is getting silly – another 15 inches of snow followed by an icy wintery mix! John from Blairstown stopped while I was walking Ellie during the latest one-two punch and said, “You get an A for effort!”  Thanks, John, I like to think of myself as an achi
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Cold & Snow Impact on Pests

Hello fellow readers, Mr. Wooly Bear Caterpillar sure predicted this winter spot-on!  Jane from Bangor asked if our single digits and snow cover will help reduce bugs.  Wouldn’t that be a well-deserved outcome after all of this brrrrr!   They say invasive insects may be more susceptib
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Bird Feeding Tips

Hello fellow readers, Last week we spoke about sunflower seed being one of the best seeds to attract the widest varieties of birds. Rachel, who lives in Stillwater, NJ, asked for other bird feeding tips, such as which kind of Sunflower seed is best. There are two types of sunflower se
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Winter is for the Birds

Hello fellow readers, Winter weather can be for the birds bringing the desire to feed and watch the antics of backyard birds. Emma and Josh of Mt. Bethel, PA, asked if they should buy a certain seed.  They bought a seed mix, and after several days, only a few birds showed up. I’ll hav
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Christmas vs. Thanksgiving Cactus

Hello fellow readers, Not a single write-in this week, but I won’t take it personally.  No doubt you’re up to your eyeballs in the fa la la la la of the holidays, so if I may ask a question about the timing of my 15-year old Christmas cactus, which has bloomed well before
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