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a closeup of a peeper on foliage

Planting Following Nature

Hello fellow readers, Have you ever heard when the peepers are peeping, it’s time to plant peas? Or when dandelions bloom, it’s a cue to dig in potatoes?  It’s called phenology –observing animal migrations and when certain insects, amphibians, and hibernating animals
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The Magic of Seeds

Hello Fellow Readers, The other day I read a children's book that came up when I searched for A Promise is a Promise in the nifty library database. I don't recall why I searched the title. Certainly not for a children's book, though I enjoy reading them from time to time, maybe to fee
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We’re All Just Seeds

Hello Fellow Readers, There’s a country song written by Pat Alger and Ralph Murphy, sung by Kathy Mattea, that I adore. The chorus of Seeds speaks volumes starting with “We’re all just seeds in God’s hands. We start the same, but where we land is sometimes fertile soil and somet
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