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a blonde woman, Mary Stone, in sunglasses and a denim shirt hugging a three foot wide water oak trunk.

Giving Thanks for Nature’s Gifts

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, I just returned from being with family in Tennessee and Virginia for Thanksgiving, a treasured time. I hope you enjoyed the holiday too. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, which is timeless and universal. We give thanks for the gifts of life
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a man with a black and white dog overlooking the beaver moon moonrise along a beach is a pastel dusk sky

Beaver Moon Moonrise

Hello Fellow Readers, We rose for the sunrises while visiting Virginia Beach, but the biggest delight of all was the moonrise, having never seen one along the ocean. The Beaver Moon moonrise on November 19th was extraordinary, starting as an orange glow on the horizon before climbing
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Late Fall Garden To-dos

Time sure has a way of sneaking upon us. The good thing, though, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. And giving thanks is timeless, universal, and a practice for every day. A special thank you for 388 weekly chats and tips on late fall garden to-dos.
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a turkey puppet on a Norway Spruce in the snow

Giving Thanks

Hello fellow readers, Last week, I crumbled under the stress of racing to meet deadlines. It felt paralyzing with classic symptoms of anxiety, a tight chest, and labored breathing. It’s a good thing I’m in good shape, I thought to myself, so my heart can ride the race. I also thought
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a crayon drawing of children holding hands

Thanks for Giving Thanks

Hello Fellow Readers, Thanksgiving is a time to gather and reflect on gifts we are grateful for. Versions of the holiday are celebrated at different times of the year by other countries too. While most folks consider it a secular holiday (not based on religion), most religions offer p
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Thanksgiving Blessings

Hello fellow readers, I am thankful for the dormant perennials with seed heads awaiting their role to fall to the ground and germinate which makes me feel less guilty that I have yet to cut them back.  I appreciate the structure and bark of our beautiful trees more visible now and the
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