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red fox sleeping in lawn

Foxes in the Garden

Hello fellow readers, After a week’s transition in the garage to re-acclimate our ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ Spruce to the outside world, Ellie’s memorial Christmas tree now sits in a protected spot. She’s in front of the future vegetable garden where the rundown h
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The Magic of Seeds

Hello Fellow Readers, The other day I read a children's book that came up when I searched for A Promise is a Promise in the nifty library database. I don't recall why I searched the title. Certainly not for a children's book, though I enjoy reading them from time to time, maybe to fee
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Lessons from The Secret Garden

Hello fellow readers, Once again, I write from Virginia and admit I’m weary. Witnessing a loved one suffer is heartbreaking; Mom’s most enormous suffering is from fear. When I arrived Saturday, her deep cough and spiked fever seemed inevitable. To soothe her, I began readi
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