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Mealybugs and Whiteflies

Mealybugs and whiteflies are similar and can look like mold on your indoor plants. They both suck sap, causing curling and yellowing leaves, and are stealth in finding their way inside. Click through to how-to remedy your unwelcome guests.
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a closeup of single ant on grass

Willows Gone Wild Part 2

Hello fellow readers, Last week we heard from Craig of Frelinghuysen about his Willows Gone Wild next to his pool. ‘They’re beautiful trees but cause countless hours of cleanup,’ explained Craig, who went on to rant about each stage of his dirty dilemma, giving us all a good laugh. Th
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Finding Neem Oil

Hello fellow readers, I think you’ll enjoy this little ditty of home remedies to garden dilemmas that reintroduced me to Neem Oil – the old tried and true I call my “duct tape” for the garden. Home Remedies Last week we spoke about aphids and a remedy using dis
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