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A money tree in a kitchen almost to the top of a window.

A Money Tree Brings Abundance

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, Ruth and Jim, dear friends in Hope, NJ, asked that I water their houseplants while they are away. Their magnificent Money Tree reminds me of one I met a decade ago, along with its plant parent, which turned out to be life-changing. I met Diana
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a bouncing baby aloe plant with narrow and plump green leaves.

Rescuing Aloe Plants Helps Heal

Hello fellow readers, Long ago, I was given an Aloe Vera plant from a kind client who asked if I’d take the pot of aloes hidden in the corner of her sunroom, apologetically confessing to neglecting them. “I know how that goes,” I consoled, “it’s hard to k
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a green leafed houseplant with orange flowers that resemble gold fish

Personal Growth with Houseplants

Hello fellow readers, Those who tune into the podcast version of our column know I’ve mentioned the idea of sharing the history of houseplants enjoyed for decades. Well, I finally tackled it, and it turned into a story about personal growth with houseplants. It occurs to me ther
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Mealybugs and Whiteflies

Mealybugs and whiteflies are similar and can look like mold on your indoor plants. They both suck sap, causing curling and yellowing leaves, and are stealth in finding their way inside. Click through to how-to remedy your unwelcome guests.
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fiddle-leaf fig

Fiddlehead Fig

Fiddlehead Fig Trees, also known as Fiddle-leaf Figs, have become quite a craze, and I can see why. They have foot-long leathery leaves that look like a fiddle, hence the common name. Fiddle-leaf Figs can be fickle, though. Learn the tips in making them happy in your home.
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Houseplants in Duress Turn Happy

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, Some of my houseplants are desperate. The low humidity of the heated house has wreaked havoc. Plus, some of their pots are too tight, like my pants after the holidays. Thank goodness for stretchy jeans. Even if there were stretchy pots, the la
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