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Finding Neem Oil

Neem Tree

Neem Tree

Hello fellow readers, I think you’ll enjoy this little ditty of home remedies to garden dilemmas which reintroduced me to Neem Oil – the old tried, and true I call my “duct tape” for the garden.

Last week we spoke about aphids and a remedy using dish detergent. Since then, there’s been an influx of other kitchen and natural remedies against undesirables. Gail of Stone Church suggests garlic, a natural insect repellent, as it emits a strong odor that insects and small rodents cannot tolerate. Mix a solution of 2 cups water, four tablespoons garlic powder, and a squirt of liquid dish soap so it will stick. Spray directly onto plant leaves repeating every day until bugs are gone. Why not chop a few fresh garlic cloves and place them throughout the garden while you are at it.

Tom of Hope suggests Pepper Spray (sounds like riot control for insects). Use 2 cups water, four teaspoons of powdered pepper (such as cayenne, chili, or red pepper flakes), and a squirt of liquid dish soap. Spray it on plant leaves and surrounding soil to keep insects as well as moles and other small rodents out of the garden.

Why Neem Oil Stands Out

But Neem oil stands out of the crowd as an old tried and true. It’s a natural alternative to synthetic pesticides extracted from the fruits and seeds of the Neem tree/ Azadirachta indica – a tropical or semi-tropical tree native to India. Neem oil’s antibacterial and antiseptic attributes discourage fungi and parasites but do not negatively affect humans or mammals. And it can protect crops against rust, scab, mildew, and blight.

Neem does not directly kill insects on the crop. Instead, it works as a contact insecticide, which makes plants taste bitter. The insects starve and die within a few days. Neem also suppresses the hatching of pest insects from their eggs. Azadirachtin, a chemical in the oil, also interrupts insects’ transitions between stages of metamorphosis. The most significant benefit of using Neem oil is that it doesn’t harm beneficial insects such as butterflies, earthworms, bees, and lacewings. Awesome. It’s like Finding Neemo.

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