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Beaver or Woodchuck?

Hello fellow readers, Is it a beaver or woodchuck eating Lucia’s trees? You’ll enjoy the story :^) “Help! A woodchuck is eating my trees,” writes Lucia, “and he’s moved in right near my front door where there’s a deep hole about a foot in diameter.
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Finding Neem Oil

Hello fellow readers, I think you’ll enjoy this little ditty of home remedies to garden dilemmas that reintroduced me to Neem Oil – the old tried and true I call my “duct tape” for the garden. Home Remedies Last week we spoke about aphids and a remedy using dis
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Aphids on Roses

Hello fellow readers, Michele of Sparta asked how to keep aphids off her newly adopted Knock Out Rose. Her other had been devastated by aphids last year and predicted Knock Out #2 would be impacted. Aphids are small sap-sucking insects destructive to plants that overwinter as eggs and
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Winter Burn Mary Stone of Garden Dilemmas

Preventing Winter Burn

Have you noticed many evergreens look as though they were scorched this winter?  John from Stone Church asked what to do about the brownish-red dry foliage, which is much worse on one side of his young white pines.
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pile of aged hemlock mulch

Woolly Adelgid- Hemlock Mulch

Hello Fellow Readers, At last, it’s the official start of spring! One of the chores many delve into, along with their spring cleanup, is freshening up their mulch. John from Andover asked what mulch he should use. Last week we spoke about the trend in using cocoa mulch but learn
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