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Willows Gone Wild !

Hello fellow readers, Craig of Frelinghuysen admits he has a “love-hate relationship with his willows gone wild.” He and Caroline have three Weeping Willows next to their pool, an ‘ongoing issue’ between them. Caroline, like me, hates to kill trees. ‘They
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the sun below a cloud in a golden yellow sky

The How-to of Soil Solarization

Hello fellow readers, Last week, we spoke about George’s weedy invasion resulting in the need for a garden do-over. Thankfully, he opted for a more organic approach, including a non-chemical remedy called soil solarization. Here’s how. Preparing your garden for planting is
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a white nest of Eastern Tent Caterpillars in the crotch of a tree.

Diehard Campers -Tent Caterpillars

Hello fellow readers, It’s the unofficial start to summer which brings on outdoor activities and vacations including tent camping for diehards. Ben from Bangor asked what to do about the wormy things building tents in the crevices of his cherry tree right above his grill. Easter
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Springfest Lecture : Deer Resistant Plants

Hello fellow readers, There was standing room only for our talk on Deer Resistant Plants You May Not Know About at the Springfest Garden Show. Thanks to all of you for being there. It was a joy meet you! We started our presentation with a rant of antics we do to keep deer at bay. Like
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a tree trunk in a snow woods with holes made by a Pileated Woodpecker

Mischievous Pileated Woodpecker

Hello fellow readers, How much wood can a woodpecker peck when a woodpecker can peck wood? The answer is – lots! It’s true, the jingle is usually about a woodchuck, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I heard from Barbara of Sparta, NJ, who has a mischievous
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Indoor Plant Intervention

Hello fellow readers, This time of year my indoor plants start to show signs of distress. Which, frankly, may have to do with over doting; that’s my gardening term for overwatering and maybe overfeeding. Because of the dry heat indoors, watering your indoor plants can be tricky. It’s
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Hickory Tussock caterpillars , Lophocampa caryae, Garden Dilemmas Ask Mary Stone, Garden Tips

Cute Creepy Crawlers

Hello Fellow Readers, Seems we’re crowded with cute creepy crawlers, caterpillars that is. I have an affinity for the woollybear caterpillars because of the folklore about winter predictions; the wider the brown middle band, the milder the winter, so it is said. In fact I love photogr
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A green cherry tomato with a bite out of it on a stone patio.

Avoid Tomato Carnage-Ripen Indoors!

Hello fellow readers, On August 7th, I proudly announced Happy First Tomato! Excited chipmunks didn’t get the first bite, the fate of all my tomato attempts in years past. I displayed my single bounty for a few days on the windowsill before I indulged in its fantastic flavor (pl
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Microstegium vimineum / Japanese Stilt Grass, Garden Dilemmas Ask Mary Stone

Japanese Stilt Grass & Thistle Remedies

Hello fellow readers, Last week we spoke about annoying crabgrass and how to keep it at bay. Unfortunately, there’s more to be crabby about, writes Carol from Blairstown, NJ, who sent a picture of what looks like mini-bamboo, which she’s trying to wipe out to allow her pac
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a green and rust colored Japanese Beetle on a green leaf

A Jiffy Jar of Japanese Beetles

Hello fellow readers, I saw the first of the season, as did Tom of Mt. Bethel, who asked if he should hang the Japanese beetle traps you find at the hardware store. The subject opens up a can of worms, or should I say grubs? Studies have shown that these pheromone lures attract many m
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