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a red amaryllis in full bloom on a bay window at nighttime with white Christmas lights

Paperwhites & Amaryllis like to Party

Hello fellow readers, I adore the gift of amaryllis already in bud received on Thanksgiving. Watching the alien-looking beefy blooms open, badly bending the stem, makes me wonder if amaryllis like to party like paperwhites. No kidding. A continuous drink of alcohol keeps paperwhites f
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The Gift of Sharing Growth

Hello Fellow Readers, Rather than chasing sales or resolutions, why not share gifts towards next year’s growth.  As I write, it’s the day after Thanksgiving, coined Black Friday; hyped in the media earlier each year with “Shop Black Friday Deals Early” plastered everywhere start
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a bunch of white flowering paperwhites that look similar to daffodil blooms

Pretty Paperwhites for Christmas

Hello fellow readers, It’s starting already—gardening withdrawals. Margaret of Washington asked how to force Paperwhite bulbs which reminds me of a simple winter withdrawal remedy that makes a wonderful Christmas gift. It’s as easy as putting the Narcissus papyraceus bulbs
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