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Jefferson’s Monticello Lab for Plants

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green. There’s an Old Farmer’s Almanac calendar above my desk, noting Friday, April 13th, is Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday – he lived from 1743 to 1826. Beyond being a founding father and the third president of the United States
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Happt St. Patricks Day Clover in white pots.

St. Patrick and the Legend of Clover

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, The fascinating history of St. Patrick leads to the legend of shamrocks featured in the holiday. Plus, the folklore of the four-leaf clover. While shopping in a nearby grocery I came upon cute little shamrocks on display for St. Patrick’
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A money tree in a kitchen almost to the top of a window.

A Money Tree Brings Abundance

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, Ruth and Jim, dear friends in Hope, NJ, asked that I water their houseplants while they are away. Their magnificent Money Tree reminds me of one I met a decade ago, along with its plant parent, which turned out to be life-changing. I met Diana
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a lake surrounded by evergreen trees and deciduous trees in their orange and gold fall colors.

Why Some Trees Remain Evergreen

Hello, fellow readers, I always enjoy hiking along the Appalachian Trail with a longtime friend from Boonton, NJ. While meandering the rocky terrain peppered with hemlock and Spruce, Barbara asked why some trees remain evergreen and others don’t. Good question. Let’s ask t
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a woodcock staring at the camera in the early dusk with golden lighting on his brown and tan feathers.

Woodcock Dance – Making a Meadow

Hello fellow readers, What fun to witness the mating dance of an American Woodcock invited by my birder buddy Dennis Briede of Blairstown, NJ. Mic in hand, I captured his unusually loud, nasally insect-like sound while the male was on the ground, followed by a melodic call while swoop
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A yellow flowering Witch Hazel along the road with a historic copper-orange home behind it.

Wonders of Witch Hazel

Hello fellow readers, The Wonders of Witch Hazel brightens the dormant landscape, is a tool for Water-Witching, and has mysterious methods of pollinating and dispersing seeds. I came upon a sunny flowering Witch Hazel along the road, looking stunning, offset by the orangy house behind
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a black and white dg overlooking a heart shaped stone amongst fry leaves and yellow Coltsfoot flowers.

Etiquette of Pilfering Rocks

Hello fellow readers, What a delight to help a lifelong friend plan a more sustainable backyard by removing turf and putting in a lawn alternative and native plants to nurture nature. Part of the criteria for a grant, which will fund some of the project’s expenses, is to include
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a five-foot wide sycamore trunk decorated with a ring of ghosts and a sign that reads Boo

Halloween History & Sycamore Ghosts

Hello fellow readers, How fun to see Halloween enthusiasts decorating their homes like Christmas with purple and orange lights, cobwebs, and spiders. Even smoke machines, reminiscent of the disco days. Skeletons, goblins, and ghosts adorned a front yard we came upon; some were hanging
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A an older golden retriever with a white face and big smile named Miss Ellie Mae sitting in a garden .

Origin of Dog Days & Sweating Like a Pig

Hello fellow readers, Mysteriously, a photo of our dear Miss Ellie appeared while posting last week’s column. It was taken on a hot day while out weeding. Miss Ellie plopped herself in the garden to cool herself off. It brought a smile as recently I snagged a photo of Jolee doin
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a reddish-brown Red-Shouldered Hawk perched in a tree in daytime

Visions of the Red-Shouldered Hawk

Hello fellow readers, The podcast version of last week’s story about the Magical Trail of Renewal (Episode 63) includes the story of a robin family that once again took up residence in the Doublefile viburnum outside the kitchen window. The nest was higher in the oversized shrub
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