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Spring Babies

Hello fellow readers, Mother’s Day ends the risk of frost which triggers our time to plant veggies and annuals plus it’s the time for spring babies. From mid-May through June fawn are born and they are so darn cute; though they grow into our biggest garden dilemma ever! Still, I have

Fun ways to Test Soil pH

Hello fellow readers, Last week we spoke about the importance of testing your soil’s pH before adding supplements as lawns and different plants require different pH levels. John from Bangor asked how to test his soil. Sure you can buy a pH test probe and there’s the tried and tr
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Lessons from Great Dixter

Hello Fellow Readers, On a recent frigid afternoon, a light dusting underway and uncertainty when the snow could wreak havoc, I joined a hundred and a half other Fergus fans at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morris Township. Fergus Garett is a gardening rock star of sorts to dig in th
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Seed Fairies

Hello fellow readers, Last week The Press published a wonderful quote by Robert Brault. ‘In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy.’ Turns out the day before it published I happened to speak with the seed fairies at Catherine Dickson Hofman Library in Blairstow
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Here’s to a New Year !

Hello fellow readers, So long 2014. We’ve learned lots from each other. We found Nemo, the analogy of rediscovering Neem Oil – the old tried and true natural alternative to synthetic pesticides that’s not harmful to people, pets or beneficial bugs such as butterflies, bees

Winter Weather Predictions 2014-2015

Hello fellow readers, We sure had an early preview of things to come and I wasn’t ready. What a sight to see as I rallied in snow boots and cross country ski garb in the heavy pre-Thanksgiving Day snow to cut back my Eupatorium /Joe-Pye Weed and lay their seed heads under the snow ont

Worm Composting Part 2

Hello fellow readers, I considered delaying part two of our talk about Worm Composting in the spirit of a more appetizing topic for Thanksgiving, but a promise is a promise. And dinner preparations will make plenty of grub for your worms. (For those that missed last week, here’s

Worm Composting Part 1

Hello fellow readers, Yay! John from Belvidere asked about worm composting -what fun! The process is called vermicomposting. It takes very little space and there’s little or no odor. Best of all, a couple of pounds of worms can make nutrient-rich compost out of your trash in abo
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Opening up a Can of Worms

Hello fellow readers, I think I’ve opened a can of worms; about composting that is. We’ve talked about using leaves in our gardens but Jennifer of Hackettstown shared that hers never seem to break down. If you shred your leaves and add extra nitrogen, they’ll compost more quickl
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Why leaves change color 101

Hello fellow readers, I’ll bet Bridget of Forks Township is not the only one who wants to know what influences the glorious colors of fall. We all know it has to do with cooler temperatures and shorter days, but why do some trees turn red while others stay orange and yellow? During th