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a brown chipmunk with cheeks stuffed with nuts

Chipmunk Remedies & Legends

Hello fellow readers, I hope you enjoy the story of Jolee’s big dig, inspiring a chat about chipmunk remedies and legends about why they have stripes. “It’s the only way I could get her to stop digging.” Three weeks ago, after working in the field, I came home
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Phil’s Squirrel Dilemma

Hello fellow readers, Last year, a fox den provided a reprieve from my chipmunk dilemma. They’re back! – Leaving piles of dirt around the garden pots. But their antics pale compared to Phil’s squirrel dilemma in Whitehall, PA, worthy of a standup comedy routine. Phil
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Chipmunk Control

Hello fellow readers, Chipmunks are darn cute but often the most frustrating garden pest, even more so than deer primarily because there’s no effective spray or fencing to keep them out. So what’s the best chipmunk control? The jury is out. Barbara from Succasunna, NJ, wri
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A green cherry tomato with a bite out of it on a stone patio.

Avoid Tomato Carnage-Ripen Indoors!

Hello fellow readers, On August 7th, I proudly announced Happy First Tomato! Excited chipmunks didn’t get the first bite, the fate of all my tomato attempts in years past. I displayed my single bounty for a few days on the windowsill before I indulged in its fantastic flavor (pl
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