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a red maple leaf resting on the edge of Catfish Pond

“Leaf Therapy” fills emptiness

Hello fellow readers, Camp Mohican has been a place of respite and contemplation since I moved to Blairstown, NJ, 21 years ago. Contiguous with the Appalachian Trail, it’s one of the reasons I relocated here. Walking amongst the trees always helps my heart. Yesterday, I desperat
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a grey farm house peaking through the gardens of Willowwood Arboretum

Wandering Willowwood Arboretum

Hello Fellow Readers, What a delight to wander through Willowwood Arboretum, invited by dear friends Ruth and Jim of Hope, NJ. I had never heard about the public garden, free to visit; that’s part of the Morris County Park system. Tucked away in Far Hills, NJ, the journey throug
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comfort zone camp 2020 pin in the shape of glasses sitting on a purple flowering violet

Better than Twenty-Twenty

Hello Fellow Readers, We welcome a new year, with sentiments of good riddance to 2020. A year we entered with optimism. The number itself, 2020, invites the concept of balance, of “perfect” vision. But twenty-twenty is not a perfect vision. It’s an average vision. It
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a small white sign describing ponds with a pond in the background

Pond versus Lake

Hello fellow readers, It never occurred to me the there is an inconsistency of what defines a pond versus a lake; if I may share a walk in the woods, that leads to the curious question. After a weekly volunteer sing at the Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice on Friday, I enjoyed a walk
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Black and white photo of a smiling golden retriever in front of a boulder

Unexpected Furry Messenger

Hello Fellow Readers, As you know, Miss Ellie Mae is the mascot for our column since we began our weekly chats over eight years ago. With a heavy heart, I share the news that we helped her go home on Tuesday. She arrived unexpectedly eleven years ago during a tough time of transition.
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a sunset in a winter snow at the Karen Ann Quinlan Home for Hospice

There must be more…

Hello Fellow Readers, The Press publishes a New Year’s pictorial issue to provide their staff with a week off between Christmas and New Year’s. I’ll admit I enjoyed the deadline respite too but wish to reach out to my faithful online followers – thank you for being so! As I writ
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Jefferson’s Monticello lab for plants

Hello fellow readers, There’s an Old Farmer’s Almanac calendar, which sits by my desk noting Friday, April 13, 2017, is Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday – the 275th anniversary of his birth. Beyond being a founding father and the third president of the United States
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One World / Memorial Day

Hello fellow readers, As I share this week’s dilemma, delight, or discovery in the garden of life, I can’t help but reflect on the significance of Memorial Day. A holiday set aside in memory of those that served. It’s heartwarming to see folks setting up the American
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Note-to-Self: Look Up!

Nature’s inspirations are sometimes seen looking up! I took this photo on December 18, 2015 from the side of the road; Cobblewood  Road, Blairstown to be specific. As a result of stumbling upon this puffy treat I made a note-to-self : Never overlook looking up!
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Heart-shaped leaf with droplets of dew

Droplets of Love

On a walk in the woods in mediation and reflection of the week gone by, I came across this leaf. To me a symbol of love. I was with my Mom last week and as many of you know, she is failing. I thought it was “her time” the nursing care facility warned prior to my 8-hour dri
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