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a red maple leaf resting on the edge of Catfish Pond

“Leaf Therapy” fills emptiness

Hello fellow readers, Camp Mohican has been a place of respite and contemplation since I moved to Blairstown, NJ, 21 years ago. Contiguous with the Appalachian Trail, it’s one of the reasons I relocated here. Walking amongst the trees always helps my heart. Yesterday, I desperat
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Lessons from Henricus Historical Park

Hello Fellow Readers, The Press gives their staff a week off during the holidays, so I thought I’d post a behind-the-scenes of next week’s story and the lessons gained from Henricus Historical Park. While traveling with Curt and our canine kid Miss Ellie to visit Mom in a nursing home
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A collection of heart-shaped Bill's stones

The Story of Bill’s Stones

Hello, fellow readers, The Press takes a hiatus between Christmas and New Year’s, so I don’t have a weekly column to share. But I’d like to share the story of Bill’s stones with you, my faithful online readers. One of my most frequented meditative walks is clim
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An oak leaf frozen in a pond

Lesson of the Leaf

Hello, fellow lover of all things green, If I may share the origin of a memoir underway titled The Lesson of the Leaf. My beloved brother Bill passed away on December 21st. I was blessed to travel to Florida to be by his side in his last weeks. Several overnights in the hospital and h
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