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Top of the World

Top of the World, Big Pocono Mountain
topofworld2“The Top of the World!”

I visited Big Pocono State Park, atop Camelback ski mountain – I call the Top of the World. It was Father’s Day just as the mountain laurels were at the peak. My trek to see their blooming glory is an annual visit I cherish. There couldn’t be a better-planned landscape- fluffy soft pink and white blooms, dark shiny leaves in contrast with ferns and birches.

Big Pocono State Park became my place of meditation after I stumbled upon it in the thick of loneliness from a marriage riddled with the isolation of addiction. Many a Sunday afternoon with my canine kid Sara at the time, I would go to contemplate life, hike the trails and pray for the knawing ache to be filled.  It saddens me to think back on those afternoons, but the memories of the therapy being amongst the trees fill me.

The joy of feeling God’s presence restored me then and reminds me every day there is Hope. There are rainbows after a storm and many blessings in this garden of life.

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Miss Ellie’s unexpected arrival – June 23, 2009

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Miss Ellie Mae & I at “The Top of the World” June 2018

Man and a golden retriever on a picnic bench in front of a lake

Curt came into my life about the time Ellie arrived.


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