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Spring Babies

A fawn lying in tall grass

Hello fellow readers,

Mother’s Day ends the risk of frost which triggers our time to plant veggies and annuals plus it’s the time for spring babies. From mid-May through June fawn are born and they are so darn cute; though they grow into our biggest garden dilemma ever! Still, I have a soft spot for their adorable white spots, big brown eyes, and delicate little legs.

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Fawn found in my garden
(my weeds served a purpose!)

Mother Nature knows what she’s doing when it comes instilling the trust between Mom and baby. Mom leaves her fawn, often two fawns in different places, while she forages for food; typically for 4-6 hours at a time. For the first 5 days after birth, fawns lie still when approached and allow handling without resistance. But we, as gardeners, lawn cutters and responsible citizens, need to keep our hands off! Fawns are born scent-free which protects them from predators. Leaving a human scent on their body will put them at risk.

Fawn's first steps...steady she goes!

Fawn’s first steps…steady she goes!

Jim and Kelly Simonetti, owners of Antler Ridge in Newton, maintain much of their farm as a wildlife sanctuary. According to their website, ‘Many people encounter what appear to be sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. While a sick or injured animal may benefit by being brought to a licensed rehabilitator, the Division of Fish and Wildlife urge us to leave young wildlife undisturbed.’

In addition, nearly all wildlife may not be legally kept. Only when they are found injured or nearby a deceased mother is there a reason to do something. And then an animal can only be legally kept while being transferred to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Rather than choosing a pest or wildlife animal control company that charges you a fee, there are sources funded by our tax dollars and donations whose goals are humane treatment, and to rehabilitate animals to return them to the wild. You can search your state’s Division of Fish & Wildlife website or contact them in NJ at (609)292-2965 or the Northeast PA Game Commission at (570) 675-1143. They will refer you to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature; Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Garden Dilemmas?

Visit Antler Ridge’s website to learn more ….


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