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More than crabby Stilt Grass & Thistle

Microstegium vimineum / Japanese Stilt Grass, Garden Dilemmas Ask Mary Stone

Hello fellow readers,

Last week we spoke about annoying crabgrass and how to keep it at bay. There’s more to be crabby about writes Carol from Blairstown who sent a picture of what looks like mini-bamboo, which she’s trying to wipe out to allow her pachysandra to spread. Japanese Stilt Grass ( Microstegium vimineum also known as Mary’s Grass, although I take no ownership!) is an invasive annual which thrives in a wide variety of habitats forming dense stands. It’s thought to have come over from China in 1919 in packing material.  Unfortunately, deer don’t browse Stilt Grass; they choose native plants over it, reducing competition for the unwanted grass whose seed remains viable for five or more years with high germination rates. The stuff seems to have taken over our roadsides and is in its full glory this time of year!

Carol shared a second unwelcome volunteer that stumped me. Thankfully a friend who is an expert on weeds identified it as Canada Thistle (Cirsium arvense). “Although it has the Canada name, it is really from the Mediterranean. And while its great for butterflies, it will take over an area,” writes Dennis also of Blairstown.  Maybe that’s why it’s also known as Creeping Thistle or Field Thistle. Their purple puffball flowers are indeed striking in a field with a display of butterflies dancing above, ironic how beautiful plants can be so devastating. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) identifies both an invasive species that crowds out native plants and reduces crop and forage yields for farm animals.

Canada Thistle/ Cirsium arvense, Garden Dilemmas Ask Mary Stone

Canada Thistle/ Cirsium arvense

Hand pulling before they go to seed is the best bet for both of these invaders, but what a chore! You can also use a contact-killer on the weeds themselves but keep it away from your pachysandra Carol.  I suggest an organic product called Burn Out by St. Gabriel Organics, which is an alternative to Round Up commonly used. A stronger version called Poison Ivy Defoliant is better for stubborn weeds such as thistle.  Go back to where you came from intruders!

Garden dilemmas?

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