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Introducing the Garden Dilemmas Podcast


Hello Fellow Readers,

If I may share a special announcement, dear lover of all things green: The launch of a Podcast version of Garden Dilemmas, Delights & Discoveries!

We’ve been sharing through this weekly column for more than seven years now, for which I am so grateful to you and The Press newspaper. Now we can take our chats on-the-go as well. Just like our column, the Garden Dilemmas Podcast is not only about gardens. It’s about nature’s inspiration, about grasping the glories of the world around us, gathering what we learn from Mother Nature, and carrying these lessons into our garden of life.

In the podcast series, we’ll share encouragement in the garden and personal delights and discoveries, seeking nature’s inspirations, stimulating growth, weeding undesirables, and embracing the unexpected. So, let’s jump in, in the spirit of learning from each other, gathering wisdom from the world around us. We have lots to talk about!

Drab-Fall-LeavesOn the subject of our Early Fall Drought

I recently returned from a vacation in South Carolina and am astonished by how many leaves have fallen brown, skipping their glorious change in color. The month of September was extraordinarily dry after an overly wet summer. My theory is, plants grew accustomed to the abundance of water, and once the drought came, they became stressed.

As I write, we are having a rain reprieve, but not enough to counteract the impact of September’s drought. And, the prediction for October is below average rainfall. Our long-established trees are resilient and will muscle through. However, it’s essential to water your tender plants such as perennials and recently planted trees and shrubs if Mother Nature doesn’t provide. Their roots must remain moist through the winter to be able to store enough nutrients for next year’s growth.

Fall is also the time deer are in their feeding frenzy. So be sure to deer spray even the most deer resistant plants, especially broadleaf evergreens. And, while you’re at it, do a little rain dance. Garden Dilemmas?



Garden Dilemmas Podcast Logo

Look for this Garden Dilemmas Podcast logo on your favorite podcast app or online.

For those of you not familiar with podcasts, they’re like radio-on-demand that you can tune into over the internet using your computer or on your smartphone or tablet. If you google Garden Dilemmas Podcast, you’ll find it on, Stitcher, I-Heart Radio Podcasts, and I-Tunes (Apple Podcast) and their mobile apps. And, you can find it on this Garden Dilemmas website by going to the Podcast Page.

Please subscribe so you can be alerted to new podcasts. And I would greatly appreciate it if you would share the podcast with others so they can join our weekly chats.

Thanks to all of you for making a dream come true.

Mary Stone, owner of Stone Associates Landscape Design & Consulting. As a Landscape Designer, I am grateful for the joy of helping others beautify their surroundings which often leads to sharing encouragement and life experiences. These relationships inspired my weekly column published in THE PRESS, 'Garden Dilemmas? Ask Mary', began in 2012. I dream of growing the evolving community of readers into an interactive forum to share encouragement and support in Garden and Personal Recoveries - seeking nature’s inspirations, stimulating growth, weeding undesirables, embracing the unexpected. Thank you for visiting! Mary

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