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Happy New Year of Growth

a grouping of tree stumps with smiling faces drawn in snow

Hello Fellow Readers, The Press publishes a New Year’s pictorial issue to provide their staff time off between Christmas and New Year’s. I enjoy the deadline respite, too, but I wish to reach out to my faithful online readers and followers to thank you for sharing a bit of the garden of life with me.

A New Year gifts us the opportunity to start fresh – Maybe to begin new things or improve upon others. We have choices in the paths we take; each one is a stepping stone towards a glorious future, but we can also choose to enjoy each step along the way.

And despite the challenges in our world, we can choose to carry optimism and hope in our hearts.

Wishing you Joy is the magic that surrounds you and a Happy New Year of Growth, Mary

hot pink Christmas bulb with a reflection of a woman in a yellow jacket wishing a happy new year of growth

FYI Podcast Listeners or Podcast Newbies:

I’m starting down a new path with the podcast version of our column. Each episode will be shorter (about 8-10 minutes) rather than bi-monthly and feature one story encouraging listeners to participate.

That way, it will be easier to visit with you each week as we do in print and online, allowing us to share more experiences in this garden of life. I’m looking forward to our new journey together!

The first “new leaf” of the Garden Dilemmas, Delights & Discoveries Podcast went live today. (Click on the green arrow below)

On your favorite Podcast App and our Podcast Page.


Mary Stone, owner of Stone Associates Landscape Design & Consulting. As a Landscape Designer, I am grateful for the joy of helping others beautify their surroundings which often leads to sharing encouragement and life experiences. These relationships inspired my weekly column published in THE PRESS, 'Garden Dilemmas? Ask Mary', began in 2012. I dream of growing the evolving community of readers into an interactive forum to share encouragement and support in Garden and Personal Recoveries - seeking nature’s inspirations, stimulating growth, weeding undesirables, embracing the unexpected. Thank you for visiting! Mary

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