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Cream colored slime mold on mulch

Fixing Funky Fungi in Mulch

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green. It’s mulch time, and John from Andover, NJ, asked what kind of mulch to use. First and foremost, stay clear of trunks and stems to prevent disease. That’s my polite way of saying no volcano mulch, please. To avoid mushrooms in the
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A smiley face made of tomatoes with beans as hair.

Making Friends with Companion Plants

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, It’s spring madness mode for those of us in the horticultural industry and for home gardeners, busy planning and planting this year’s bounty. The same is true for critters such as the peepers I adore in the pond with their evening
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A selfie of black sneakers on a lawn filled with sunny yellow dandelions

Benefits of Plantain & Dandelion “Weeds”

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green. Have you ever considered Broadleaf Plantain, the flat-leaved weed with spikey seed heads that invades your lawn, a beneficial plant? It was news to me to learn that it’s a valuable herb, though I’ve known for years that Dandelions
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A rejuvinated pruned maroon leaf smokebush in bloom that looks like smok

Rejuvenation Pruning & Smokebush

Hello, fellow lover of all things green, It felt therapeutic to tend to the rejuvenation pruning of the Smokebush and other shrubs. Rejuvenation pruning involves drastically cutting back overgrown plants to restore them to their intended shape or to manage their size, which was the ca
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Mary Stone kneeling next to a blue spruce transplant wearing a grey sweatshirt and muddy pants.

Root Pruning and Journey of Growth

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green. Last week, we spoke about Early Spring Transplants, and Brian of Stone Church, PA, asked about root pruning. Great question, Brian. And read on for how root pruning relates to the journey of growth in our lives. Transplanting is always stressf
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Early Spring Transplants

Hello, fellow lovers of all things green, Early Spring, after the ground thaws, is ideal for transplanting many deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs before they break dormancy. It’s the second-best time in my book. The first best time is after the leaves drop or when they go
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A colander of funky vegetables on a wooden table

Are Funky Vegetables GMO?

Hello Fellow Readers, Green beans aren’t only green anymore. And tomatoes come in all sorts of shades and mottled blends of colors. There are even tomatoes that stay green when they’re ripe. Charlotte of Stone Church, PA, asked if the funky vegetables are genetically modif
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Let Fawns & Wildlife Be

Hello fellow readers, In the late afternoon, I heard a young fawn crying and thought Jolee was out and about interrupting the flow of things. Translated, I thought perhaps she was intruding upon the sleeping fawn. But Jolee was inside basking in the sun coming in from the storm door,
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a birdseye view of purple and white petunias and American Flag for Memorial Day

Flowers & Meaning of Memorial Day

Hello fellow readers;  A Little Hope Foundation funds a Comfort Zone Camp supporting kids and young adults who lost a loved one to suicide. The camp, held the weekend before Memorial Day, reflects the meaning of the holiday and favorite Memorial Day flowers of remembrance. History &am
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A family rejuvenate pruning and overgrown foundation planting along a brick-faced house.

Rejuvenation Pruning Lifts Hearts

Hello fellow readers; Rejuvenation pruning lifts hearts, including mine, as I joined a lifelong friend and her grown sons to rejuvenate overgrown shrubs and renew their gardens. I hope you enjoy the story. It’s always fun to have a new hairdo, as has my friend Michele, who lives
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