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Blairstown Village Green Install Time

Fence in progress

Fence in progress

Hello fellow readers,

About a year ago we shared the Design Process as it related to the Blairstown Village Green (aka Pocket Park) planned for where the old Community Center once stood.  Gina Trish led the charge and Patti Doell, President of the North Warren Garden Club and owner of Little Big Farm, worked with me to design a garden fitting for the site conditions as well as the functional opportunities the pocket park will serve; located in the center of town, behind Agway, and next to the seasonal Farmers’ Market. Thanks to the Township Committee and all those that supported the project, the Village Green was installed last week during the coldest spell this fall I might add. Brrr!

While most of the plants are already dormant there are visual pleasures to enjoy all winter long. A rustic cedar split rail fence installed by Salerno Fence of Wantage frames the park and reflects the rural flavor of Blairstown. And, the cream and salmon pealing bark of the River Birch (Betula nigra) are the best in show providing all-season interest. Agens Stone of Columbia provided over 6 ton of boulders to pepper the garden with natural sculptures that are unsurpassed in deer resistance (smile).  Agens will also be delivering 6 stone benches to offer a respite spot for park visitors. Even when dry the ornamental grasses that grace the garden create a lovely display.

Herman Shoemaker, Committeeman and owner of Booknest of Blairstown dropped by and mentioned he had heard about a grass seed installed late in the season that may be less likely to rot overwinter.  Jeff Baier, owner of Columbia-based JB’s Landscaping who installed the park, used a landscape mix of primarily perennial rye grass, Kentucky bluegrass and red fescue.  With a layer of topsoil, then seed and straw on top, Kevin Baier says the seed will sink in over winter and come to life come spring. Jeff assured that the late season lawn establishment will be successful.  For now, a field of straw (please keep off for a few weeks), dormant plants, a super cool fence, 9 big boy boulders and the promise of a field of green to come. Thanks to all!

Blairstown Village Green just Installed

Blairstown Village Green (aka Pocket Park)  just Installed

Garden dilemmas?

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