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Mixed-up Cherry

Hello fellow readers, Marcia from Columbia writes ‘our pink ornamental cherry tree is trans gendering, or crossdressing, or something. There are two large boughs with pure white blossoms. What the heck?’ In the picture she sent the tree looks like it has a spikey haircut with lots of
Mary Stone, Garden Dilemmas, Ask Mary Stone,Gardening tips, Garden Blogs, Stone Associates Landscape Design, Daffodils

A daffy sunset

Curt snagged this shot of the rock garden with his phone on Saturday. If I recall the plant I planted in front of the daffodils is Spiraea japonica ‘Golden Elf’ / Golden Elf Japanese Spirea Hardy in zones 4-9. This yellow leaved cutie only grows to 6-8 inches high and has
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Why leaves change color 101

Hello fellow readers, I’ll bet Bridget of Forks Township is not the only one who wants to know the real deal of what influences the glorious colors of fall. We all know it has to do with cooler temperatures and shorter days, but why do some trees turn red while others stay orange and

The Empress

Hello Fellow Readers, I visited William and Sarah of Bangor and admired a tree that I had never seen. They called it a Paulownia Tree (pronounced Pa-loan-i-a); Paulownia tomentosa is the Botanical name and is native to China. It’s also known as Princess or Empress Tree and I can see w

Hillside Planting

Hello fellow readers, While walking Miss Ellie, Lori and Gary of Blairstown were out doing yard work and shared their dilemma of a challenging slope along the driveway. Steep hills can be an eyesore and difficult to maintain. As with any plant selection, consider soil,light, root spac

Aphids on Roses

Hello fellow readers, Michele of Sparta asked how to keep aphids off her newly adopted Knock Out Rose. Her other had been devastated by aphids last year and predicts Knock Out #2 will be impacted. Aphids are small sap-sucking insects destructive to plants that overwinter as eggs and a

Taming the Jungle

Hello fellow readers, Diane of Knowlton asked for tips to “tame her jungle” which sounds like weeds and overgrown plants may be her dilemma. Weeds are misplaced plants – not a Mary original definition but frequently used to justify my naturalized landscape which sounds much bett

Fall Dropping of Evergreen Needles

Hello fellow readers, Several of you have asked what’s going on with the White Pines. It’s true that seeing evergreens drop their needles often triggers concern. It’s kind of like an abundance of hairs in your shower drain. All trees and shrubs renew their foliage every year. The leav