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a cluster of shiny green and rust colored Japanese Beetles feeing on a plant

Japanese Beetle Controls

Hello fellow readers, One of the notable things about our chats is the cycle of gardening dilemmas each year. It’s Japanese beetle time, and they must be out in full force based on all who have asked what to do. Last year we talked about the store-bought Japanese beetle bags and
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A Landscape Fabric Intervention!

Hello fellow readers, Landscape fabric with mulch on top may seem to work in the short term, but eventually, it will result in an intervention. I look forward to sharing mine :^) ‘Here’s my dilemma,’ wrote George of Blairstown, NJ, in early spring. ‘It’s
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Seed Drooling Devices

Hello fellow readers, It’s been fun hearing about your favorite seed catalogs. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is one of your favorites. And what a history of the American Dream! At age 3 owner Jere Gettle began growing plants and in 1998, at 17, he printed his first catalog. Since t
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Worm Composting Part 1

Hello fellow readers, Yay! John from Belvidere asked about worm composting -what fun! The process is called vermicomposting. It takes very little space, and there’s little or no odor. Best of all, a couple of pounds of worms can make nutrient-rich compost out of your trash in ab
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Crabby about Crabgrass

Hello fellow readers, A visit with my dear Mom leads to a story about how to overcome being crabby about crabgrass. Last week we spoke about the pesky Japanese beetle, and I chuckle at how many of you shared your intense aversion towards the bothersome bug. What is there to like about
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Burn-Out an Organic Weed Control

Welcome to Rave Reviews! One of my favorite and most important recommendations:  Use Burn-Out, an organic alternative to Roundup, for weed control. Burn-Out Weed & Grass Killer by St Gabriel Organics made from clove oil and citric acid is a broad spectrum natural herbicide that ki
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