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Plethora of Fungi in Mulch

Hello Fellow Readers, Jeanne of Blairstown shared a fungi dilemma; an alien-looking plethora of mushrooms amongst her garden mulch. Mushrooms are the fruit of valuable spores that decay organic material and recycle nutrients back into the soil, which is good for plants. However, in vo
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cape A white bucket of dirty water and brush cleaning natural stone patios

Cleaning Stone Patios & Walks

Hello Fellow Readers, A few weeks ago, we spoke about how to evict ants from a natural stone patio without spoiling the charming moss in the joints (link below). The topic brings to mind how best to clean patios and walks without damaging the stone or plants; one of my nagging dilemma
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a hose with a sprinkler on soaker mode watering new plant babies in a garden.

Watering Protocol

Hello fellow readers, To follow are tips and protocols of watering plants. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been hot and dry. I’m all for zero-scaping, the trendy phonetic spelling of xeriscaping; also known as drought-tolerant or smart-scaping. In a nutshell, choose plants who
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Annual Color Calamity

Hello fellow readers, I’ve been known to stop in my tracks to take a photo of a beautiful tree, garden, or the magnificence of nature’s inspiration. Then there’s what I kindly call ‘garden nots’ which became a fun lecture topic not long ago. Recently I visited Cape May where glorious
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Bagworms Baby!

Hello fellow readers, While sitting with Mom outside her nursing home in Virginia, I noticed a crust of bread being hauled off by an ant.  I marvel at how much an ant can carry – ten to fifty times their body weight, they say. Mom, who inspired my gardening start, can’t talk muc
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a cluster of shiny green and rust colored Japanese Beetles feeing on a plant

Japanese Beetle Controls

Hello fellow readers, One of the notable things about our chats is the cycle of gardening dilemmas each year. It’s Japanese beetle time, and they must be out in full force based on all who have asked what to do. Last year we talked about the store-bought Japanese beetle bags and
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the sun below a cloud in a golden yellow sky

The How-to of Soil Solarization

Hello fellow readers, Last week, we spoke about George’s weedy invasion resulting in the need for a garden do-over. Thankfully, he opted for a more organic approach, including a non-chemical remedy called soil solarization. Here’s how. Preparing your garden for planting is
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Avoid Tomato Carnage-Ripen Indoors!

Hello fellow readers, On August 7th, I proudly announced Happy First Tomato! Excited chipmunks didn’t get the first bite, the fate of all my tomato attempts in years past. I displayed my single bounty for a few days on the windowsill before I indulged in its fantastic flavor (pl
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Late-summer Butterfly Magnets

Hello fellow readers, Many of you like to dance!  Jane from Mt. Bethel, PA, emailed me about the fun of watching butterflies in her garden and asked how to attract more. Ben from Belvidere, NJ, wondered if he planted butterfly loving plants, would he be inviting deer to the party. It
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Volunteers tackle Mugwort

Hello fellow readers, I had the privilege of digging in with the North Warren Garden Club who held their monthly meeting in the new park behind Agway in Blairstown next to where the seasonal Farmers’ Market is hosted. You may recall I met with the club almost two years ago to talk abo
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