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Gardens Glow

Hello fellow readers, If I may share a remarkable garden design story for Morristown Airport and lessons gained from how white gardens glow. Do you recall as a kid waiting until the last minute to finish your homework? As adults, it’s not about waiting, more about not having a m
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withered and curled leaves from aphid damage on leatherleaf viburnum

Reasons to Prune

Hello fellow readers, The reasons to prune are similar to the reasons for caring for ourselves and our families– Improving appearance and health, training the young, controlling size, preventing injury or damage, rejuvenating the old, and influencing bounty. But choosing the rig
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Mary Stone, Garden dilemmas Ask Mary Stone, Gardening Tips, Garden Blog

Blank Wall Dilemma

Hello fellow readers, Kelly from Forks Township shared that she stares at a blank wall.  It’s their detached garage which sits directly behind the house and is covered with asbestos siding.  Having small children, she’d like to protect the wall from damage ‘by sports balls and the lik
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Fall Hunting & Gathering

Hello Fellow Readers, A few weeks ago we spoke about fall tasks and one is to take advantage of the great season to plant. What should he plant asked Harry from Hardwick. By and large anything that’s available and fits into your landscape plan and cultural environment – wi
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Lawn to Woodland Shrubs

Hello fellow readers, a beautiful assortment of plants can serve as transition shrubs from the lawn to woodland that can help hide unsightly views. Weeds are misplaced plants. Diane of Knowlton asked for tips to “tame her jungle,” which sounds like weeds could be her dilemma. Weeds ar
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Annuals vs. Perennials

Hello fellow readers, We are officially through our risk of frost so it’s time to shop for annuals. Many nurseries sell perennials in flats as well. Bob from Hackettstown was brave enough to ask what the difference between annuals and perennials is. I am certain it is confusing to man
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Fashion faux pas: Black socks with white sneakers

Landscape faux pas & Cocoa Mulch

Hello Fellow Readers, I am grateful to all that came to the Springfest Garden Show and attended my lecture, along with Marty Carson of Three Seasons, on the Dos and Don’ts of Landscape & Garden Design. It was a lighthearted spin comparing garden don’ts to fashion blunders. To foll
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Vertical Veggie Gardening

Hello fellow readers, Oh goodie!  Garden catalogs are here to tease our fancy and tickle our toes. Not sure what toes have to do with it, but it sounds exciting. And it is! John from Hope asked whether to grow veggies in those newfangled vertical garden “systems” and bags. It’s fun an
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Blairstown Village Green Install Time

Hello fellow readers, About a year ago we shared the Design Process as it related to the Blairstown Village Green (aka Pocket Park) planned for where the old Community Center once stood.  Gina Trish led the charge and Patti Doell, President of the North Warren Garden Club and owner of
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