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Fashion faux pas: Black socks with white sneakers

Landscape faux pas & Cocoa Mulch

Hello Fellow Readers, I am grateful to all that came to the Springfest Garden Show and attended my lecture, along with Marty Carson of Three Seasons, on the Dos and Don’ts of Landscape & Garden Design. It was a lighthearted spin comparing garden don’ts to fashion blunders. To foll
Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting Veggie & Perennial Seeds Indoors

Hello Fellow Readers, Ready to dig in? A rule of thumb is 8 weeks before the last frost date (normally May 19th here) is the time to start seeds indoors. I don’t know about you, but I am counting on normal despite our crazy winter! Hence I plan to start seeds the last week of March. M

Springfest Garden Show is coming to town

Hello fellow readers, We’ve flipped the calendar to March which means we are getting close to the new beginning of spring! We’re all more than ready for a jump start. It’s exciting that the Springfest Garden Show held at the Sussex County Fairground in Augusta is only a few days away.

Salt Impact on Plants (& Remedies)

Hello fellow readers, This is getting silly – another 15 inches of snow followed by an icy wintery mix! John from Blairstown stopped while I was walking Ellie during the latest one-two punch and said, “You get an A for effort!”  Thanks, John, I like to think of myself as an achi

Cold & Snow Impact on Pests

Hello fellow readers, Mr. Wooly Bear Caterpillar sure predicted this winter spot-on!  Jane from Bangor asked if our single digits and snow cover will help reduce bugs.  Wouldn’t that be a well-deserved outcome after all of this brrrrr!   They say invasive insects may be more susceptib

Gardening with our Dogs Part 2

Hello fellow readers, Doggone diggers are only part of the challenge of gardening when you have canine kids. The risk of trampling while playing, noshing while bored, yellow lawn spots or leg lifting on branches are other doggie considerations. You may recall Ed’s teenage pup Du

Gardening with Dogs

Hello fellow readers, We have a few garden diggers out there despite the freezing temps!  A few “teenage” puppies that is – Keswick of Stillwater and Dulcie of Basking Ridge to be specific. Regal names these digger dogs have! According to the Humane Society, training not to dig

Vertical Gardening Part 2

Hello fellow readers, Several of you like the idea of standing tall while picking vegetables and are intrigued by the decorative possibilities of vertical gardens.  Ted from Allamuchy uses a cattle panel arched in half so he can walk under it and secures each corner with T-posts – Wal

Bird Feeding Tips

Hello fellow readers, Last week we spoke about sunflower seed being one of the best seed to attract the widest varieties of birds.  Rachel from Fredon asked which kind is best.  There are 2 types; black oil seeds with easy to open thin shells most desired by seed-eating birds and stri

Winter is for the Birds

Hello fellow readers, Winter weather can be for the birds.  Not for those of us with a passion to play in the snow mind you, but winter brings the desire to feed and watch the antics of backyard birds.  Emma and Josh of Mt. Bethel asked if there is a certain seed they should buy.  The