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Clover Lawn Alternative

Hello Fellow Readers, I stumbled upon the most beautiful field of clover. Pollinators were scurrying from one dainty puff to another busily gathering nectar and pollen. Their hairy legs were combing through each petal of the pinkish-white blooms. There were mostly honeybees, but many

The Legend of Marigolds

Hello Fellow Readers, I recently shopped for annuals for Ron of Stillwater NJ who wished for bright hues. Previously he planted marigolds. I haven’t used them for years, which likely has to do with a childhood memory of my first garden – primarily marigolds grown from seed. “Mar

Ridding of Roundup

Hello Fellow Readers, A few weeks back I dug in with Andrew of Sparta NJ who wished to enhance his gardens in time for hosting pre-prom photos for his daughter. He was expecting sixty with friends and parents. I recall how Jessica came home from school eleven years ago when I first wo
Rosa-Dr.-Van-Fleet -Climbing-Roses

The Beauty and Beast of Roses

Hello Fellow Readers, One should never judge another based on appearances – a lesson shared in the Beauty and the Beast enjoyed at the Papermill Theatre in Milburn NJ. Curt’s seen the Disney movie dozens of times – a favorite of his stepdaughter’s growing up. Like I, my garden d
Johnsonburg-Camp-Retreat Center-butterfly- garden

A Butterfly Garden of Growth

Hello Fellow Readers, I am filled with admiration of the courage of the children and young adults who attended last weekend’s Comfort Zone Camp. It was in partnership with A Little Hope Foundation in support of those who have lost a loved one to suicide. My role was camp photographer,

Avis Campbell Gardens

Hello Fellow Readers, I spent last weekend with over a hundred self-proclaimed tech-nerds participating in the first NJ Word Camp. There were non-techies too, that would be me, who use the WordPress platform for websites or blogging. I was there in hopes of improving this website of o

Tidying Daffodil Foliage

Hello Fellow Readers, Planting spring flowering bulbs brings the excitement of the anticipation of their emergence. Showing their little faces as dear Mom used to say, though I have no memory of planting bulbs as her gardening apprentice. Truth is, I’m a bit of a bulb newbie which may
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Black Knot

Hello Fellow Readers, I recently heard from John of Sparta NJ. I’ve heard from him periodically over the last eleven years for which I am wholeheartedly grateful. He’s been providing updates on his mother and father-in-law; my former in-laws, who I dearly love. Sadly, he shared that D
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Doublefile Viburnum Angels

Hello Fellow Readers, I am thrilled to report the robin mentioned last week did indeed nest in the Doublefile Viburnum outside our kitchen window. Perhaps the same robin that nested there last year. They say they can return to a spot if they’ve had successful broods prior. It turns ou
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Litter of Tree Tips

Hello Fellow Readers, There’s lots of spring building going on. We’ve had a robin flittering from here to there outside the kitchen window making a nest in the viburnum. What a joy it will be to watch the miracle. We sure don’t feel the same way about other critters making nests thoug